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Ahh… natsukashiiii… those summer days in Japan when I used to eat my weight in Matcha Haagen Dazs from the 7-11 convenience store around the corner! A drippy, whippy ice cream on a summer’s day brings out the gleeful, sticky-chinned child in everyone.  But choosing matcha (very strong, powdered green tea) flavour does feel that Read more

Machiya: Restaurant Review

When & Why? It was fortunate that we arrived sharpish at 12 noon to try this recently-launched restaurant for lunch on a Friday. By 1pm, everyone in London seemed to have had the same idea and the place was packed out, with an orderly queue on the street outside. First Impressions: Machiya is a neat Read more

Beer & Buns: Izakaya Review

First Impressions: Trekking up the lengthy staircase to the Japan-inspired izakaya ‘Beer & Buns’ it feels like we are sneaking off somewhere a little bit naughty – somewhere to skive off and hide! Let them eat sushi at K10 (v. popular takeaway and kaiten zushi spot near Liverpool Street station) – for today we are Read more

Sushi and Smalltalk: Event Review

A winning combination! Enjoyed by all, our unique event on Friday, November 11th brought together 30 English and Japanese speakers. The most important thing about learning a language is using it to connect with people. But so often, it can be tricky to simply go ahead and speak to strangers. That’s why ZOOM Japan, Read more

With fresh, high quality ingredients absolutely key to the preparation of sushi and sashimi, it almost feels wrong to call this a ‘cooking’ class. Instead, Reiko from Hashi cooking provides a deep and detailed overview of all that is needed to ‘assemble’ sensational sushi and sashimi. There aren’t very many ingredients, but they must be Read more

When?  Lazy lunch on a Saturday. With white wine. Oh yes. Ambience:  Compact, with a minimal aesthetic. With a chain of popular sushi restaurants in the Middle East, Lebanese-Canadian restaurateur Oliver Zeitoun knows to keep it simple and focus firmly on the food. Clientele:  In the heart of Soho, the friendly, cosmopolitan and youthful manager Read more

I’d been randomly craving some of those pea-pod shaped, pea-flavoured crisps that I used to get in Japan for some time. Imagine my glee when my Chimasu box arrived with a bit of pea-theme going on! I’d specified online what kind of snacks I like (erm, everything) from the categories: biscuits and cakes; sweets; crisps Read more

Japan in… Dalston, London’s Vanessa uncovers 4 awesome Japan-inspired businesses in Dalston that you need to check out. Café OTO – Perched on upcycled wooden chairs and sipping flat whites, everyone in Café OTO is discussing Japan. So-and-so’s brother has just got back. French students exchange tips for dating Japanese women. Perhaps they’re trying too hard? But the Read more