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Why Should I Get a Private Japanese Tutor?

There are so many reasons why we believe that private tutoring with a native Japanese language tutor is the best way to meet your learning goals. Want to be able to actually speak the language? It’s certainly best to practise tailored speaking with an individual rather than in a group lesson with lots of other Read more

Are you learning Japanese?  Here’s a brief guide to the conversation clubs in the London.   Do you want to chat in English and Japanese?  A conversation evening can be brilliant to informally practice your conversation skills and make interesting, international friends. This is London – so you’ll meet all sorts of different types of people Read more

Learning Japanese?  I really think so! It is so important to create your own opportunities to practice speaking, that is, natural conversation and small talk! After all, language is essentially just about communication and relationships.  Enjoying chatting, as well as more meaningful conversation with others is absolutely key to functional fluency. Here are our top Read more

Guest post by Kenzo of new, free language exchange website! There are two basic reasons that conversation is crucial to language learning success: it solidifies the grammar and vocabulary that you learn in lessons and textbooks it teaches you forms of the language that lessons and textbooks rarely cover gives you a flexible, effective Read more

Paul Woodhead: Meetup Leader, Musician

You’ll often find Paul Woodhead at Japan-related gigs, events and otherwise in London (and sometimes Japan!).  An inspiring and active member of the community here in London, Paul will welcomes you to join the London Japanese Meetup group here, or on facebook here. Upcoming events – the group meets at the Slug and Lettuce on Read more

1. Conversation exchange evenings By far the largest is ‘The London Japanese Language Meetup Group’ which regularly attracts a diverse crowd of up to 100 on the second Tuesday of each month.  It’s a sprawling, free event held in a pub off Leicester Square. You can find out more on the website. For a Read more

We all know that the ubiquitous phrase “use it or lose it” applies perhaps most accurately to the learning and retention of a new language.  Whatever your motivation for learning a language – be it for your career, to progress in studies, or for travel – it is crucial to have a strong motivation to Read more