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Billy the Bus and the Great Tour of London by Trevor Hawes, White Post Corner Limited 2012, £5.99 Omiyage alert!  A perfect present for the Japanese kids in your life; Billy the Bus and the Great Tour of London is a cheery, winsome look at popular tourist attractions through the eyes of an iconic red Read more

Already popular in Japan, 3D figurine printing is a new technology now here in London.  Levavo, London’s first shop of its kind, is conveniently tucked behind Liverpool Street Station on Leyden Street.  I’d seen a member of SMAP get a 3D figurine of himself on TV, but I never thought 3D printing would be something Read more

Japanese Sweets ‘Wagashi’

  Minamoto Kitchoan, based at 44 Piccadilly, belongs to a smart international chain of ‘wagashi’ Japanese sweets shops, with branches in New York, Shanghai and other major cities.  Cheering seasonal displays in the window highlight the delectable delights of each time of year.  Step into the shop to feel like you’ve been transported to their Read more

Near South Ealing station a brilliant little bakery is tucked away. Tantalising smells waft from Tetote Factory Bakery; perhaps one of those secret places in London known only to locals (many Japanese ex-pats live in this area of West London)… and to those lucky few who have heard about it through word of mouth.  Based Read more