Artist talk: Kentaro Yamada in conversation with Mark Rappolt

July 4, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation
Japan House
13/14 Cornwall Terrace (Outer Circle), London
Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation
020 7486 4348
Artist talk: Kentaro Yamada in conversation with Mark Rappolt @ Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation

The artist Kentaro Yamada will be discussing his work and exhibition Everything Comes in Waves with Mark Rappolt, the Editor-in-Chief of ArtReview and ArtReview Asia.

Yamada is interested in the encounter between material history and humankind’s subjectivity. As subjective and creative beings, we have been trying intuitively to make meanings out of our natural surroundings for millions of years.

Yamada creates poetic situations that allow viewers to experience encounters of human life and material history. The artist reminds us that values born out of human history provide a partical view of the world. He seeks to place this story within broader physical contexts, exploring different scales from the hand-held to the cosmic, or from the universal to the instantaneous.

In this exhibition, Yamada presents a combination of new and old works, which will include light installations, dyeline prints that he created in 2011 after the Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami, and a series of sculptural objects as a poetic installation, creating a space to experience encounters of human creativity and materials, and the two coming together as one, as part of a larger Life.

This exhibition is curated by Francesca von Zedtwitz-Arnim.

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