Ayako Fujiki ‘Brightwater’ CD launch

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September 28, 2016 @ 6:00 pm
1901 Arts Club
7 Exton St
Lambeth, London SE1 8UE
£20, limited availability

Ayako Fujiki BrightwaterJapanese pianist and composer Ayako Fujiki launches her new album, brightwater, at 1901 Arts Club, on 28th September at 6.00pm. This is the first disc to feature her own compositions for piano, two pianos, and piano trio.

Capturing transient scenes from nature, brightwater propels the listener through a unique combination of cultures
Virtuosic Japanese pianist influenced by the riches of European culture
• Falling in love with the energy and diversity of Spanish classical music, Japanese pianist Ayako
Fujiki trained under one of the greatest pianists of the 20th century, Alicia de Larrocha, also the
first Spanish artist to win the UNESCO prize
• Currently based in the vibrant and eclectic city of Barcelona, this Japanese pianist and composer
explores the duality between Japanese and Mediterranean heritage and culture
• Combining a rigorous classical background with contemporary taste and technique, Ayako finds
inspiration in Romantic, World, Minimal, Electronic and even Japanese Contemporary Epic music
• Praised as “one of the most significant Japanese composers of contemporary classical
music” (Clasica2) by the Spanish press, Ayako now wants to share her music more widely,
beginning with the UK
• Instilling a sense of calm and stillness into what is an ever-frenetic world, Ayako’s music transports the listener to another realm, allowing an escape from the treadmill of everyday life
• Music to the eyes as well as to the ears – Ayako explores music as a visual art through the
creation of stunning videos to accompany her compositions
• After first releasing three CDs interpreting work by other composers, Ayako’s current release
allows her to engage on a more personal creative level through the development of her own
• Contributing to the established chronicle of musicians and composers taking inspiration from
nature, brightwater offers Ayako’s reflections on landscapes, forests, rippling water and broken
• Capturing the beauty of eroded nature, Ayako translates the slow but persistent effect of the
natural elements on rocks and trees
UK release date: 30th September 2016
UK launch event: 28th September, 6pm, 1901 Arts Club, London SE1
UK performance date: 29th September, 1:05pm, St. Olave Hart Street, London EC3

Website http://ayakofujiki.com/
Facebook https://facebook.com/fujikiayako
Twitter http://twitter.com/ayakofujiki
YouTube https://youtube.com/c/ayakofujiki
Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/ayakofujiki