British Origami Society Convention

The BOS is returning once more to the Campanile Hotel, which is easy to get to being situated just outside Birmingham city centre. We are pleased to announce that our special guest at this Convention will be Giles Towning. For those who do not know Giles, imagine someone who brings novel ideas, great skill and much enjoyment to paper folding. As an electrical engineer, Giles has taken on many engineering projects which, in origami, have never been thought possible. He has published two booklets of his designs and more are to come.

The theme of this Convention is ‘sound’. We will be investigating models that make sounds (or even music!) so take a look on the Internet and see if anything inspires you. The programme will also present the best origami around at the moment.

The weekend will offer all the usual delights of a BOS convention; classes for folders of all levels, the BOS library, BOS Supplies (with a special convention discount on offer!), , the infamous novelty competition, an extensive exhibition area (where everyone can display their work), a “fold & talk” area where you can relax, tea & coffee and much more. If you will be attending classes, we ask you to read our student’s guide and reflect on it.

Free Folds
giles towningWe’re sure many of you fold a great deal of origami designs, but what do you do with them afterwards? We’re asking you to sort out a box of cast-offs, “not quite there” models and those simply surplus to rquirements, and put them in a box (anonymously) at theconvention for others to take home with them. What isn’t right for you may give someone else hours of fun, working out how it was made. Anything left over will be donated to a school.

Anyone interested in contributing to the programme or assisting with the convention in anyway should contact the organisers (see below). If you have any model instruction diagrams (if someone else’s design, please obtain their permission beforehand), which you would like to be considered for the convention programme and the model collection, please send these to Michael Trew by the end of July. Any creator whose model is selected for the model collection will receive a complimentary CD copy as a token of our thanks.

As usual we will be holding an Exhibition, please bring along your latest origami endeavours; we thrive on your origami work, be it old, new, perfect or in the course of completion – original or an interpretation of another’s work, even gallant failures with a story to tell are welcome! Please don’t be shy: let us see what you have been up to recently. You’ll have a chance to tell us any stories behind your work at the Exhibition Review  Other folders always enjoy hearing these tales, and frequently we learn surprising things about exhibits.

The programme organisers, would be delighted to hear from you if you would like to teach your own model (we need models of all levels).  Bearing in mind our theme – we would like teachers to explain briefly before or during their session how they came to create their particular model.  Apart from teaching you could offer to help in the supplies shop, arrange the exhibition table, or assist with preparing paper for folding groups.

Click here for the booking form. You can pay using paypal or send a cheque to the membership secretary.