Japan Tide presents Jun Nishizaki Exhibition

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September 10, 2019 – September 14, 2019 all-day
Leyden Gallery
9/9a Leyden Street London E1 7LE
Japan Tide presents Jun Nishizaki Exhibition @ Leyden Gallery

The series of exhibitions which focus on beauty of Japanese artworks will be held at Leyden Gallery in East London, where the central place of the contemporary arts. First week will be an oil painting exhibition by Nara (West of Japan) based artist who portraits mysterious beauty in his own style.
Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see and feel this unique exhibition.

■ Profile – Jun Nishizaki■
A resident of Nara Prefecture, NISHIZAKI has created several portraits that are noble and abundant with a mysteriously unique beauty that has earned him numerous fans both at home and abroad. Attracting the attention of many, his style is said to that of “a painter who depicts the deepest depths of the human heart like Egon SCHIELE, who played an active role in Vienna at the end of the century.” 2015 saw the publishing of “Jun NISHIZAKI Portfolio -Angels-“. He has held several personal exhibitions including exhibitions at The Ueno Royal Museum (Tokyo) in 2016 and the Galerie Lehalle (Paris) in 2017.

■ Exhibition duration / Private view reception■
Tuesday, 10 September – Saturday,14 September 2019

*Private view : 18:30~21:30 ,Tuesday, 10 September 2019
(please register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/jun-nishizaki-japan-tide-exhibition-tickets-69974296003)

Sushi and drinks including ‘Mio’ sparkling sake will be served.

■Theme of the exhibition■

-The Truth of Life Reflected in the Eyes –
Through the depiction of the rawness of his own life, Jun NISHIZAKI is a painter who communicates an attitude towards life to all who view his works. In every person he draws whether it be the Virgin Mary, an angel or a little girl, there is a uniquely unearthly atmosphere that drifts counter to their beauty, producing an eye-catching world of danger that quietly impacts the hearts of viewers. NISHIZAKI does not seek the pleasure of cheap beauty from a picture, but continues to pursue the raw truth by thoroughly maintaining a posture to depict that which lies deep within the human heart. Art critic and French literary scholar Takao NAKAMURA (professor at the Tama University of Arts) has this to say about NISHIZAKI—”There is a loftiness to the works of NISHIZAKI. That is because he demands the pure density of raw life even as he suffers as an artist. That is why no matter what he draws, it will always be a self-portrait of Jun NISHIZAKI’s soul.” The almost dangerous innocent sensitivity that is hidden behind the mysterious beauty will immediately attract the eyes of the many and speak deeply and directly into each heart. Captivated by the unearthly atmosphere of NISHIZAKI’s works, people will be reminded of the real intention of beauty in art. We hope that you will enjoy the almost cruel but beautiful and noble world of art as depicted by Jun NISHIZAKI.