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November 4, 2015 all-day
Oslo, Hackney, London
1A Amhurst Rd
London E8 1LL
£12 + booking fee
London International Arts Festival
Mina @ Oslo, Hackney, London | London | United Kingdom

MINA’s music rolls and ripples over a delicate alchemy of cultures. Their new EP « Elements »
was inspired by the universal concept of natural elements; earth, water, fire, wind and void. Through their collaboration, Japanese influenced singer/ lyricist Mina and Western influenced music producer Oskar Vizan approached the concept through
its Indian perspective, creating a gently crafted soundscape that induces reflection and meditation.
For this live show, Mina will perform the songs from the EP together with Japanese koto player Keiko Kitamura and background music from
Oskar Vizan. Their set, which blends Japanese poetry, Indian style spiritual melodies and electro- acoustic experimentation, will be accompanied by kaleidoscopic visuals from Soichi Matsumoto.

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