Mme Butterfly: what happened next, with Ignacio Jarquin and Chris Roberts

September 30, 2015 @ 6:45 pm
The Swedenborg Society
21 Bloomsbury Way
London WC1A 2TH
Japan Society
020 3075 1996
Mme Butterfly: what happened next, with Ignacio Jarquin and Chris Roberts @ The Swedenborg Society | London | United Kingdom

Ignacio Jarquin joins the Japan Society to discuss and perform excerpts from his stunning show Mme Butterfly – The One Man Opera.

Behind the sweeping emotionalism of Puccini’s popular tragedy Madama Butterfly lies a real-life drama of imperialism and sexual exploitation amid the grittiness of late 19th century Nagasaki. Set thirty years after the end of the iconic Puccini opera, which leaves a mixed race child abandoned by its mother and father, Ignacio’s new work seeks to answer the question, ‘What happened next?’

Mme Butterfly – The One Man Opera brings together nihon buyo, noh and a contemporary operatic score by doyen British composer Michael Finnissy to depict Madame Butterfly’s son in his journey to America in search of his father, now the Governor of Georgia and engaged in a fight for re-election.

Ignacio will discuss how Mme Butterfly – The One Man Opera uses traditional Japanese music, dance and drama to explore an iconic story that belongs fundamentally to Western cultural archetypes, and will draw parallels between Puccini’s opera and Michael Finnissy’s wonderful new score. He will also be joined by historian Chris Roberts, who will discuss the sociocultural environment in which the Butterfly story was born.

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