Chimasu: ‘Oriental Snacks by Post’ Review

Chimasu Box

Need cheering up? A Chimasu box will add oishii Oriental flavour to your day!

I’d been randomly craving some of those pea-pod shaped, pea-flavoured crisps that I used to get in Japan for some time. Imagine my glee when my Chimasu box arrived with a bit of pea-theme going on! I’d specified online what kind of snacks I like (erm, everything) from the categories: biscuits and cakes; sweets; crisps; nuts, peas & seeds; noodles & soups; teas; fruits; and seafood. You can say which you love, like or don’t like to get a box of 15+ snacks from Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, etc. tailored to your own tastes.

Give Peas a Chance - Chimasu Snack Box

Give Peas a Chance – Chimasu Snack Box

My pea-crisps were Korean actually, and very tasty there were too. The other pea-items were small packets of garlic peas and mustard green peas. It’s nice to try a small amount of something new without having to buy a multi-pack.

At first I thought the box might be a little crisp-heavy, including pea crisps, shrimp flavoured ‘crackers’, ramen noodle inspired crisps, and well as a Japanese wasabi crackers and peanut mix. However, each type was completely different and really delicious. My two-year-old adores Oriental crisps – they are much less greasy than the typical British crisp & are therefore cleaner to eat!

Japanese and Chinese Sweeties - Chimasu Box

Japanese and Chinese Sweeties – Chimasu Box

The candies – 3 Chinese, coffee flavoured hard sweets and 2 Japanese dummies were lovingly packed into tiny clear plastic bags. Yes, I could have eaten a whole bag of each, but again, it’s fun to try things (and the small servings saved my diet!).

The delivery of an assortment of Far Eastern snacks by post will be welcomed especially by those with an international palette but without easy access to an Oriental supermarket. Even living in London, it’s not always convenient. Shops are often either right in the centre of town, or somewhere you have to drive to. Although this is a subscription service, you can cancel anytime you want to, even after your first order, so it would be a great one-off birthday present or Christmas gift!

Chimasu boxes start at £14 per month. readers are offered an introductory code for new subscribers for £5 OFF their first box. The code for this offer is “CHIMASU15” (enter this code on the checkout page).

Thanks very much to Will at Chimasu for providing a box to for review.

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