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Muga Ramen's 'Charshu Max' - Meaty Mountain

‘Muga Ramen’ Review – Piccadilly

Why? To celebrate my birthday. With a two-year in tow, long romantic dinners are off the menu, so the casual comfort of a steamy ramen bar was wildly appealing. When? A dark, dank, drizzly late October evening at about … [Read More...]


Radwimps: ‘Xと○と罪と’ Album Review

Radwimps Batsu to maru to tsumi to / Xと○と罪と With all things Japanese, from Anime to Zen, enjoying massive popularity in the UK, it’s high time for Japanese music to finally break through the language barrier. Radwimps have … [Read More...]

Chimasu Oriental Snack Box

Chimasu: ‘Oriental Snacks by Post’ Review

I’d been randomly craving some of those pea-pod shaped, pea-flavoured crisps that I used to get in Japan for some time. Imagine my glee when my Chimasu box arrived with a bit of pea-theme going on! I’d specified online what kind … [Read More...]

Cafe OTO Photo by Dawid Laskowski

Japan in… Dalston

JapaneseLondon.com's Vanessa uncovers three awesome Japan-inspired businesses in Dalston that you need to check out. Café OTO – Perched on upcycled wooden chairs and sipping flat whites, everyone in Café OTO is discussing … [Read More...]

Japanese Breakfast at Monocle Café , London

‘Monocle Café’ Review – Marylebone

Why?  To meet the wonderful Susan for brunch. She works nearby at Daiwa, but rarely has the chance to explore Marylebone. I’d been doing some heavy googling to track down that elusive meal: the ‘Japanese Breakfast’ in London. … [Read More...]

‘salmon sashimi kimchee salad with avocado and ikura’

‘Ramusake’ Review – South Kensington

Why?  Ramusake is a sassy, sultry South Kensington newcomer fusing New York speakeasy and Tokyo izakaya vibes – a winning combination for a girly date. Run by Piers Adams, ‘a godfather of posh London clubbing’ it offers late-night … [Read More...]