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‘salmon sashimi kimchee salad with avocado and ikura’

‘Ramusake’ Review – South Kensington

Why?  Ramusake is a sassy, sultry South Kensington newcomer fusing New York speakeasy and Tokyo izakaya vibes – a winning combination for a girly date. Run by Piers Adams, ‘a godfather of posh London clubbing’ it offers late-night … [Read More...]

Sake no Hana ‘Sakura Crystal Box’ Bento

‘Sake no Hana’ Review: Mayfair

Why? Sake no Hana certainly must offer the most sumptuous-yet-sensible solution to London’s blustery and unpredictable ‘hanami’ season! Literally ‘flower viewing’ in Japanese – your springtime celebrations can be brought inside … [Read More...]


‘Harajuku Girls’ Theatre Review

Playwright: Francis Turnly / Director: Jude Christian / Starring: Haruka Abe, Elizabeth Tan, Kunjue Li A gritty, gripping coming-of-age drama, 'Harajuku Girls' premiered at the Finborough Theatre in February 2015 and is on … [Read More...]

Greatful Dead

‘Greatful Dead’ DVD Review

グレイトフルデッド, 2013 / 98 minutes / Director: Eiji Uchida / Writers: Etsuro Hiratani, Eiji Uchida Starring Kumi Takiuchi, Takashi Sasano, Kim Kkobbi Available from Third Window Films on DVD and Blu-Ray now, Greatful Dead is a … [Read More...]

Kintan Japanese BBQ

‘Kintan’ Japanese BBQ Review: Holborn

Why?  Date-night / hubby’s birthday.  Kintan specialises in ‘yakiniku’ literally ‘grilled meat’ & were we ever dying to get our chops round it. With branches in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Jakata, Kintan is a newcomer to the booming … [Read More...]

SIRO-A: Kawaii & Kakoi! (Cute & Cool!)

SIRO-A Review: Kawaii & Kakoi!

In London until 11 January 2015 - back and ‘re-booted’ for the 3rd year running – SIRO-A clearly have a winning formula.  A fusion of mime, dance and puppetry, with lasers and music, from Japan?  Well, I expected the … [Read More...]