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Conversation Skills: Key to Making Friends!

Top 3 Ways to Speak in Japanese

Are you learning Japanese?  It is so important to create your own opportunities to practice speaking, that is, natural conversation. After all, purpose for language is essentially communication.  Enjoyable, meaningful conversation with others is absolutely key to functional fluency. How … [Read More...]

Hyper Japan 2014 Round Up

HYPER JAPAN 2014 Round Up

Bringing Japanese pop culture all together into one fantastic festival, HYPER JAPAN 2014 (July 25-27) is a must for the Japan enthusiast!  The festival is held over three days at  Earls Court One, Warwick Road, London, SW5 9TA … [Read More...]

Japanese Courses at Morley College

Monika Hinkel: Art from Japan Specialist

London is the best place for Japanese art in Europe, according to Monika Hinkel, Japanese art specialist, who will  offer courses from September at the wonderful Morley College, Waterloo.  Courses will include: Japanese painting … [Read More...]

‘Slammin Salmon’ (lightly seared salmon sashimi, spicy gochujang sauce, romaine, cucumber, pickled mango, red onion)

‘Hai St Kitchen’ Review: Bank / Monument

Why? For a quick lunch meeting with a friend in the City. Described a ‘Japanese urban-casual’, Hai St Kitchen is a newcomer to London with a stateside branch already popular in Phildelphia. It offers an intriguing concept I was … [Read More...]

The Sakura Crystal Double-Layer Bento Box

‘Sake no Hana’ Review: Mayfair

Why? Sake no Hana certainly must offer the most sumptuous-yet-sensible solution to London’s blustery and unpredictable ‘hanami’ season! Literally ‘flower viewing’ in Japanese – your springtime celebrations can be enjoyed under the … [Read More...]

Tom Smith with Bo Ningen and N’shukugawa Boys after a Japan Underground show (Tom is top right)

Tom Smith: Japan Underground & JPU Records

Tom Smith is busy bringing  awesome, fresh Japanese music to the UK.  Not only does he have a super cool job, but he is also super friendly, and wants you to go right on ahead & talk Japanese music to him. 1. What do you … [Read More...]