Going to Japan?

Are you struggling to get past ‘konnichiwa‘?

You know you want to learn about the Japanese language and culture, (or brush up your skills) but you’re not sure how to get to the next step, or even where to focus your efforts.🗣🗻

There are SO many things that you could be doing to learn Japanese: dozens of apps, podcasts, kanji flash cards, a wide variety of textbooks to chose from, group lessons, online challenges, conversation clubs, Rosetta Stone, reading manga (and that’s just for starters).

But there’s only 24 hours in a day. And there’s only one of you. So how do you decide the most effective way? And how do you stick to your learning plan and get results – fast?

Opting for private lessons means your friendly, native Japanese speaking tutor will meet you on a regular basis (weekly, twice weekly or even more often), at your home or office to supply tailor-made, communicative Japanese lessons – at your own pace.

So you can stop wondering where to start and simply get stuck into learning the Japanese language, with your tutor to guide you (and gently holding you accountable). がんばりましょう!Gambarimasho! Let’s try our best!

I just wanted to say Ritsuko-sensei has been great and my Japanese has improved significantly due to her. My speaking skills have improved through acquiring new vocabulary and learning more natural ways of speaking. Also my kanji has improved greatly and I now know a lot more of the kanji characters than I did 3 months ago. – Jamie Armstrong, Feb 2019

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About Vanessa

vanessa eating ice creamZig-zagging gingerly along narrow paths between the rice fields, perched upon my mama-chari bicycle, I clutched a small, damp note in my palm on which had been written neatly, in Japanese: ‘Excuse me, I’ve lost my way, where is Chizuka Shogaku?’.

Now and then, I’d stop and show someone the note. They’d point me in the right direction and off I’d trundle again. I’d certainly breathe a sigh of relief when the school I’d been sent to (as a visiting English teacher) finally materialised, hazily, in the shadow of the mountains.

It’s not always easy to reach your destination, but it sure helps if someone keeps you heading in the right direction on the way. Wherever you are on your Japanese learning journey, we have a Japanese tutor who can guide you, and signpost your route.

I’m on a personal mission to connect learners of Japanese language and culture with native Japanese-speaking tutors, in London and on-line.

After working an ALT teacher on the JET Programme in rural Tochigi, Japan for 3 years, and then later as a TEFL and a UK qualified teacher, I set up my language tutoring agency in 2008. I’ve been privileged to work with thousands of learners and tutors to create fruitful and fulfilling learning connections.

JapaneseLondon.com is London’s only agency dedicated to matching Japanese learners with their ideal tutors.

It just makes sense – you learn to speak Japanese by speaking with a Japanese person!

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