Japanese Lessons – Fees

Are private 1-1 Japanese lessons expensive?

For the price of a decent Japanese meal in a restaurant, every week you can experience so much more than just a full tummy! 🎌 🔜 🧠

A fast, efficient way to learn, your private 1-1 lessons will be at your level – no more wasting precious lesson time going over things you already know – or missing the point of something too difficult.

I tried group Japanese lessons, but found I have so many more questions than a group setting could possibly accomodate. I’m a beginner, but really keen to make progress, so a private tutor is better for my needs. – CB, TV Producer, 2020

Group lessons can appear cheaper than private 1-1 tuition, but work much like gym memberships. It’s very easy to miss classes you’ve already paid for, and then hard to catch up, which can put you off returning. Mottainai! What a waste!

For more discussion around lesson fees, kindly read my article: How Much Do Private Japanese Lessons Cost?

The prices below will apply to all lessons booked and paid for in the year 2020. 15 hour block bookings must be used within 6 months from the date they are paid for. 30+ hour block bookings must be used within 1 year.

2020 Prices – Minimum Booking 15 hours

Total Lesson Hours Number of 90 minute lessons Price for 1 hour Price for 90 minutes Total Price
15 10 £45 £67.50 £675
30 20 £43 £64.50 £1290
60 40 £42 £63.00 £2520


* Prices do not include £6 return travel costs per lesson. Due to the current circumstances, no travel fees apply as all our tutors are now delivering lessons online.

Later on, students and tutors may choose to meet in person again (travel fees would be applied at the time, case by case).

If you need to miss a week with your Japanese tutor, just let them know in advance. If need to cancel less than 24 hours in advance (hey, it can happen to anyone) the lesson fee will be charged at just 50% – in order to reimburse your tutor fairly.

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