What Our Students Say

I just wanted to say Ritsuko has been great and my Japanese has improved significantly due to her. My speaking skills have improved through acquiring new vocabulary and learning more natural ways of speaking. Also my kanji has improved greatly and I now know a lot more of the kanji characters than I did before the lessons. – Jamie A, City Worker

“Just to say that I am really pleased with how the first lesson went, Yuki is a great teacher and I look forward to future lessons. I’d also like to add that tuition is the most effective way to learn Japanese, my confidence increased from the first lesson. Talking to a native speaker has definitely helped prepare me for my trip to Japan in a couple of months.” Steven T, Retail Worker

“I just wanted to let you know I am finding my lessons with Kumiko-sensei very enjoyable and helpful, especially now my SOAS course has resumed. Having extra practice every week with Kumiko is helping to improve my confidence. She is a very good teacher!” – JH, Retired

“Stella really enjoyed her lessons. Thanks a lot to Himawari.” – Mother of Stella, aged 12

The lessons with Ritsuko-sensei have been going very well and she is helping me improve very quickly. – Sai Hin Tse, Financial Services

“I am enjoying my Japanese classes a lot. Kumiko has understood my needs and wants. Everything is perfect. Many thanks!” – Virginie Rodriguez, Banker

“Right from the get-go my Japanese lessons with Yuki have been fantastic. I was really glad he didn’t take a traditional approach of a pre-printed lesson book but he made learning easier, faster and more fun with tailored classes – repeating and revising each segment before moving on to the next.
As a result I found I picked up basic Japanese surprisingly quickly. I took classes specifically for a trip to Japan but have enjoyed the experience so much I would definitely consider continuing learning Japanese after I’m back in the UK.” – Simon U, Photographer/TV producer

Yes, I want to learn Japanese

“My Japanese tutor is brilliant, I absolutely love her! She’s really easy to get along with, so I feel comfortable chatting in the Japanese language about anything and everything. This has allowed me to maintain and improve my conversational Japanese – one of my learning goals having returned from two years of living in Japan. She has an instinctive understanding of my level of Japanese, and a real skill of simplifying the complicated, which has been particularly useful when trying to tackle difficult JLPT 2 reading passages. She’s also happy to be flexible on a lesson by lesson basis, meaning I can get something out of each lesson regardless of whether I have had time to study that week, or not. I can’t recommend private tuition enough.” – Jenni E, PR Executive

“I’m really enjoying the Japanese lessons. My tutor has been taking a fantastic approach, he’s pretty much rebuilding my Japanese from the ground up which, was frustrating at first, but the three years I have behind me was just the theory – which needed rebuilding. It’s great, I’m learning what I should be at a pace that I’m actually taking it in at.” – Marcus H, Trainee Architect

Yes, I want a Japanese tutor