What Our Students Say

“I just wanted to let you know I am finding my lessons with Kumiko-sensei very enjoyable and helpful, especially now my SOAS course has resumed. Having extra practice every week with Kumiko is helping to improve my confidence. She is a very good teacher!” – JH, Retired

“Stella really enjoyed her lessons. Thanks a lot to Himawari.” – Mother of Stella, aged 12

“I am enjoying my Japanese classes a lot. Kumiko has understood my needs and wants. Everything is perfect. Many thanks!” – Virginie Rodriguez, Banker

“Right from the get-go my Japanese lessons with Yuki have been fantastic. I was really glad he didn’t take a traditional approach of a pre-printed lesson book but he made learning easier, faster and more fun with tailored classes – repeating and revising each segment before moving on to the next.
As a result I found I picked up basic Japanese surprisingly quickly. I took classes specifically for a trip to Japan but have enjoyed the experience so much I would definitely consider continuing learning Japanese after I’m back in the UK.” – Simon U, Photographer/TV producer

Yes, I want to learn Japanese

“My Japanese tutor is brilliant, I absolutely love her! She’s really easy to get along with, so I feel comfortable chatting in the Japanese language about anything and everything. This has allowed me to maintain and improve my conversational Japanese – one of my learning goals having returned from two years of living in Japan. She has an instinctive understanding of my level of Japanese, and a real skill of simplifying the complicated, which has been particularly useful when trying to tackle difficult JLPT 2 reading passages. She’s also happy to be flexible on a lesson by lesson basis, meaning I can get something out of each lesson regardless of whether I have had time to study that week, or not. I can’t recommend private tuition enough.” – Jenni E, PR Executive

“I’m really enjoying the Japanese lessons. My tutor has been taking a fantastic approach, he’s pretty much rebuilding my Japanese from the ground up which, was frustrating at first, but the three years I have behind me was just the theory – which needed rebuilding. It’s great, I’m learning what I should be at a pace that I’m actually taking it in at.” – Marcus H, Trainee Architect

Yes, I want a Japanese tutor