Japanese Lessons in London

Love Japan? Learn Japanese with a Private Tutor.

💁🏼 Are you finding it hard to get on with your plans to learn Japanese?🎌

Group lessons hardly give you any chance to speak, self-study is lonely, and you know you can only go so far with Japanese-learning apps & podcasts.

Would you like a friendly, native Japanese tutor to guide you, at the time and place most convenient for you, so that you can just relax and focus on your learning?

You can improve your confidence, ability and understanding and ability quickly, as you work together with your Japanese tutor towards your goals in understanding the language, culture & etiquette.

Chika and Kumiko, 2 of our native Japanese tutors

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JapaneseLondon.com private Japanese lessons are:

  • ✓ Tailor-made for you
  • ✓ For Travel, Business or Studies
  • ✓ Daytimes, Evenings, or Weekends
  • ✓ Anywhere in London, or online

Might not be for you if you:

  • X Don’t want to practice actually speaking Japanese
  • X Have not yet set clear goals
  • X Can’t commit time for a weekly 90 minute lesson
  • X Want to take lessons more for socialising with classmates

Yes, I want a Japanese tutor

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the Japanese lessons take place?
It’s your choice (although we can suggest a variety of lesson locations that we have found work out well). Our students meet their tutors at home, their office, a quiet café or hotel lobby, as well as online.

Are the Japanese lessons 1-1?
Yes, all lessons are between you and the tutor only. The exception is beginner level students only, who may opt for 2-1 lessons with their own, selected partner (i.e. husband and wife, business partner), for a top up fee of 30%.

What if I need to cancel a Japanese lesson at the last minute?
A lesson can be cancelled without incurring a fee as long as you give 24 hours notice. If you need to cancel in less than 24 hours, we will charge you 50% of the original lesson fee. This fee is to reimburse your Japanese tutor.

How long is each Japanese private lesson?
Lessons last for a minimum of 90 minutes, although longer lessons are also available. We may be able to arrange lessons of 60 minutes for children under 12, or if the student travels to the home of the tutor.

What is the content of the lesson?
The lesson content is tailor-made for your goals – whether this is business speaking skills, survival Japanese for a holiday, or to pass a Japanese exam such as the JLPT.

Who will be my tutor?
Your tutor will be a friendly, native Japanese speaker, personally matched by Vanessa to your requests. We carefully consider: lesson location, time & day, your goals & interests, the tutor’s qualifications & experience, and – importantly – your personalities too!

But aren’t private Japanese lessons expensive?

Our students find that 1-1 private tuition is a surprisingly economical & undoubtedly the most efficient way to learn Japanese. Tuition bookings start with 10 lessons of 90 minutes (see the Prices page here).