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Love Japan? Live in London? You’re in the right place! Welcome to the community. コミュニティへようこそ.

I’m Vanessa – an unapologetically Japan obsessed Londoner. 👋🙇🏼‍♀️🗻💕

I’ll be sending you regular bi-weekly emails all about how to live a JAPAN-FULL LIFE IN LONDON, including info about:

  • 🗣️ Learning Japanese Language in London (we offer 1-1 tutor connections)
  • ⛩️ Cultivating a Japan-inspired mindset in London
  • 🌱 Our Japanese Conversation Club: Online (‘bloody brilliant’)
  • 🍜 Japanese restaurants, shops, services, creatives and small businesses
  • 🖼️ Japan-inspired places & events in London

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