Top 3 Ways to Speak Better Japanese – in London!

Learning Japanese?  I really think so! It is so important to create your own opportunities to practice speaking, that is, natural conversation and small talk! After all, language is essentially just about communication and relationships.  Enjoying chatting, as well as more meaningful conversation with others is absolutely key to functional fluency.

Here are our top 3 ways to improve your Japanese speaking skills – in London.

1. Join a Japan-inspired club
Try searching to find out about local clubs where you can explore any and every interest, from afternoon tea to Zen, with a group of like-minded people. The London Japanese Language Meetup Group is a great place to start! There are several other niche meetups related to other aspects of Japanese culture.
Conversation clubs are a wonderful option for language exchange and friendship – there are several in to join in London. You can read a short article about the Japanese/English Conversation Clubs in London here.

2. Go to Japan-related Events
If you are looking for events where you meet can bilingual speakers of English/Japanese, The Japan Society, The Japan Foundation and The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation all offer amazing, often free, events which attract people interested in all aspects of Japanese culture.
If you’d like to find out about these, along with many other niche and independent events, take a peek at the calendar here!

3. Take Japanese Lessons with a Private 1-to-1 tutor
Private 1-to-1 lessons give you an opportunity to actually speak at length with your tutor. No more wasting your time in too-hard or too-easy mixed-ability classes: your tutor will make the private lesson at just the right level for you.

Have a look at our comparison chart, ‘Why Should I Get a Private Tutor?’ to understand the differences. Click to download the full-size PDF.

A tutor is a valuable connection; a trusted friend who will help to navigate your studies and keep you motivated. Gambatte! Contact us here if you’d like to arrange Japanese lessons in London.

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