Japanese Lessons for Children

“I feel like I’m fighting for my children’s future” my friend confided. “It sounds dramatic, but I literally have no idea how to teach my own kids Japanese!”

Sound familiar? 🙋 Let me tell you, you are not alone. It’s not easy!

Would your child like to have fun learning Japanese from a qualified tutor? 

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Yes, let’s chat about a Japanese tutor

Gus loves the lessons. I think Yasuko is amazing! He is totally engrossed in the way she is making this all about the culture of Japan. Yes please, more Japanese lessons. Mother of Gus, Hackney, 2020

I’d love to hear about your child and connect them to a friendly & experienced native speaking Japanese tutor, for 1-1 lessons online or in person.

Fun & Interesting Japanese

“It needs to be OMOSHIROI!!” she said*. I’ve never forgotten this deceptively simple piece of advice I got from an experienced Japanese teacher, over 20 years ago.

*Omoishiroi translates as: fun, funny, amusing, interesting. All at the same time. Well, DUH, I thought – of course it does. BUT HOW?

Since then, I’ve come to fully understand what she actually meant. That’s why, at JapaneseLondon.com, we firmly believe that learning must be PLAYFUL, making it something children WANT TO DO.

Her lessons fill my daughter with joy!  Mother of N, Wimbledon 2019

Immersion is the most effective way to learn a language. But short of upping sticks and moving to Japan, a Japanese tutor here in London can provide an immersive learning experience to help your child:

  1. Build familiarity. Get familiar with real Japanese stuff. Everyday things & concepts. Sushi, anime characters, origami, using chopsticks… anything and everything.
  2. Learn meaningful words and phrases. Let your child learn the words for what matters to them – describing their interests; their own life.
  3. Make conversation. Tell stories. Form a great relationship with their tutor. Improve their communication skills with a trusted adult.

Thanks so much – he has spent a very meaningful time, learning for two years.  Lessons not only helped improve my son’s language skills, but also showed him the fun of learning. Father of S, Finchley, 2019

Japanese Lessons for Kids – 2022/23 Fees

*Minimum Booking Block of 12 hours

Total Lesson Hours Total Price Price for 1 hour lesson time in this block # of 45 min. lessons # of 30 min. lessons
12 hour block £600.00 £50.00 16 24
24 hour block £1128.00 £47.00 32 48
36 hour block £1620.00 £45.00 48 72

* Prices do not include £8 return travel costs per lesson. 

The prices above apply to all lessons booked & paid for in fiscal year 2022-23.

  • 12 hour bookings must be used within 5 months from the date issued.
  • 24 hour bookings must be used within 9 months from the date issued.
  • 36 hours bookings must be used within 12 months from the date issued.

How long are Japanese lessons?

Online Japanese lessons for kids can be 60 minutes, 45 minutes or 30 minutes.

We find that ‘little and often’ works really well for younger learners, and a frequency of 2 or 3 online lessons a week can be really beneficial.

In 2022, most lessons are currently being delivered online.

In person 1-1 Japanese lessons with tutors are usually 90 minutes minimum.

How many lessons should my child take?

Our minimum booking for children is 12 hours of lesson time.

We don’t book packages of fewer lessons because, although tutors and learners are matched carefully, it takes time to build an effective learning relationship.

Many learners continue their lessons for years, appreciating the learning & benefitting from their special relationship with a native-speaking Japanese tutor!

Japanese Tuition for Children FAQs

Over the years, JapaneseLondon.com has connected hundreds of learners to tutors. You can read what our students say, here.

Might I find a cheaper tutor elsewhere?

Yes, this is possible. JapaneseLondon.com👋 is a specialist tutoring connection company run by Vanessa. I’m a UK PGCE (English, Kings College London) / RSA CELTA (TEFL, Cambridge) qualified teacher & I’ve connected many hundreds of students with tutors since starting my tutoring agency back in 2008.

This is quite different to the many generic ‘find a tutor’ type websites which have sprung up, where the onus is on the student (or student’s parent) to do all the work to secure the right tutor.

The tutors on the ‘find a tutor’ type websites are not vetted or pre-qualified in any way – it’s up to you to do that. You need to choose, get in touch individually and assess the tutor’s suitability.

Naturally, this process is particularly important when choosing a tutor for a child. If this sounds tiring – please, leave it to me. I’ll send the full tutor profile for you to check & approve before lessons are arranged.

What if I need to cancel a Japanese lesson at the last minute?

Please give at least 24 hours’ notice of change or cancellation to lessons. Any lesson cancelled by the Learner (or the Learner’s Parent or Guardian) with less than 24 hours’ notice, and not rescheduled, will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the total lesson fee. This will apply to any lessons cancelled less than 24 hours in advance, for any reason. This fee is to reimburse the Tutor for their lost opportunity of work.

Lessons cancelled less than 3 hours in advance by the Learner will incur a cancellation fee of 100% of the total lesson fee. This will apply to any lessons cancelled less than 3 hours in advance, for any reason. This fee is to reimburse the Tutor for their lost opportunity of work.

Please try to reschedule lessons rather than cancelling, whenever possible.

Who will my child’s tutor be?

All of our tutors are qualified, experienced, native Japanese speakers who can safely & enjoyably tutor children. Most of our tutors are female.

It’s really important that lessons are ‘omoshiroi’ (fun & interesting) – it’s proven that we all learn more through play.

Something to note is that our Japanese tutors can speak English well. This can be particularly important when tutoring beginners, or to explain grammar.

Having more than 20 years experience in teaching, I am always personally available to support tutors with materials and ideas, whenever they may need it.

My child doesn’t know any Japanese at all, will your tutor be suitable?

Yes, lots of children start lessons without knowing any Japanese at all. As Japanese seems to be a ‘cool’ language, we find many children begging their parents to learn Japanese (especially after / before an inspiring trip to Japan!).

My child has already learned some Japanese, will your tutor be suitable?

Yes, as all our tutors are native Japanese speakers, they can teach children who have been living in Japan, who have learned Japanese at school, or from a Japanese descent parent, for example.

What results can we expect from Japanese lessons?

Somewhat surprisingly, beginner level Japanese can be quite quick and painfree to learn, giving a great sense of achievement that boosts confidence!

As each learner is unique, their results will vary, according to their needs, interests and goals. We will assess what each child is looking to get out of their learning, and tailor lessons accordingly.

Most children will want to build vocabulary and communicative phrases, and enjoy learning to write the kana (phonetic alphabet).

For many children, the results of Japanese lessons could be described as planting a seed for a lifelong love of Japanese language and culture.🌱❤️🎌

What do I need to get?

Your child’s Japanese tutor might request you to purchase a book or other study resources to go along with their lessons. But you don’t need to get anything before lessons start.

Can you recommend other Japan-inspired things to do in London that my kids can do?

Yes indeed! I wrote an article called: Japanese London for Kids: All You Need to Know. I’d love to hear if you have any other suggestions I should include.

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