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Japanese Lessons – You Can Meet Your Private 1-1 Tutor Online, or In London

It was an September evening, and I was sitting at a desk in a Japanese language school, with my ‘Minna No Nihongo’ textbook, dictionary, notebook and pens laid carefully in front of me.

It was my first time in this class. Having been placed in a lower level (which I found too easy), I had insisted on moving up to this, more challenging, Japanese class.

Suddenly, I realise the teacher is looking at ME. She has asked a question and is waiting for some kind of intelligent response. My mind is as blank as my brand new notebook.

Tears stung my eyes and my cheeks blazed. I tried to look nonchalant. The other students turned to gawp as the silence dragged on. Days – years, possibly – passed in this moment.

I never did go back to that class. But after I scraped up my pride up off the floor, I realised a deceptively simple truth:

🗣️ You learn to speak Japanese by actually speaking Japanese.

A group lesson is NOT THE ONLY WAY to learn a language, and for some learners who hate being put on the spot (like me), it’s simply not the BEST way.

That’s why we offer 1-1 private lessons with friendly, qualified, native-speaking Japanese tutors in London, and online.

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Yes, I want a Japanese tutor

  • ✔️ Learning 1-1 with a Japanese tutor means YOU get their undivided attention. You can ask all the questions you need to.
  • ✔️ Practicing real communication skills, getting immediate feedback and controlling what you what to learn, when & how quickly.
  • ✔️ And best of all? No audience!

Why a 1-1 Private Japanese Tutor?

Group lessons can be hard to follow, self-study can be lonely, and you know you can only go so far with Japanese apps & podcasts. Progress can be slow – and to be honest, a bit painful.

Why not learn in the most effective & fun way – whilst actually speaking Japanese right from the beginning?

Your Japanese tutor will help you to stick to your learning plan and get results – FAST.

How it works:

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  2. 📞 Schedule your 20 min consultation call with Vanessa
  3. 👩🏻‍🏫 Your Japanese Tutor Connection – meet & starting learning!

Chika and Kumiko, 2 of our native Japanese tutors

Just imagine how you’d feel if you could:

  • ✔️ Stop relying on your Japanese partner to translate everything for you
  • ✔️ Chat & have a laugh with your Japanese friends and colleagues
  • ✔️Travel around Japan & order your favourite foods confidently!

My Japanese tutor is brilliant, I absolutely love her! She’s really easy to get along with, so I feel comfortable chatting in the Japanese language about anything and everything. This has allowed me to maintain and improve my conversational Japanese – one of my learning goals having returned from two years of living in Japan.

She has an instinctive understanding of my level of Japanese, and a real skill of simplifying the complicated, which has been particularly useful when trying to tackle difficult JLPT 2 reading passages. She’s also happy to be flexible on a lesson by lesson basis, meaning I can get something out of each lesson regardless of whether I have had time to study that week, or not. I can’t recommend private tuition enough. – Jenni E, PR Executive

Read more our what our students say here.

Japanese Lessons for Adults – 2022/23 Fees

*Minimum Booking Block of 15 hours

Total Lesson Hours Total Price # of 90 min. lessons Price for 90 minute lesson in this block Price for 1 hour lesson in this block
15 hour block £750.00 10 £75.00 £50.00
30 hour block £1470.00 20 £73.50 £49.00
60 hour block £2820.00 40 £70.50 £47.00

* Prices do not include £8 return travel costs per lesson.

The prices above apply to all lessons booked & paid for in fiscal year 2022-23.

  • 15 hour bookings must be used within 5 months from the date issued.
  • 30 hour bookings must be used within 9 months from the date issued.
  • 60 hours bookings must be used within 12 months from the date issued.

Due to the current circumstances, in 2022, many lessons are being delivered online.

Students and tutors may choose to meet in person again (travel fees would be applied at the time, case by case).

How long are Japanese lessons for adults?

Lessons usually last for a minimum of 90 minutes, although longer lessons are also available.

We can also arrange shorter lessons of 60 minutes online, or for children under 12, or if the student travels to the home of the tutor.

How many lessons should I take?

Lessons are available in block bookings of 10 x 90 minutes, or more. I don’t believe that it is in the best interest of Japanese learners or tutors to make shorter block bookings.

To learn more, please read: This is Why You Need to Book 10 Japanese Lessons (At Least)

What if I need to cancel a Japanese lesson at the last minute?

Please give at least 24 hours’ notice of change or cancellation to lessons.

Any lesson cancelled by the Learner (or the Learner’s Parent or Guardian) with less than 24 hours’ notice, and not rescheduled, will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the total lesson fee. This will apply to any lessons cancelled less than 24 hours in advance, for any reason. This fee is to reimburse the Tutor for their lost opportunity of work.

Lessons cancelled less than 3 hours in advance by the Learner will incur a cancellation fee of 100% of the total lesson fee. This will apply to any lessons cancelled less than 3 hours in advance, for any reason. This fee is to reimburse the Tutor for their lost opportunity of work.

Please try to reschedule lessons rather than cancelling, whenever possible.

Please find below the most frequently asked questions from people interested in learning Japanese language.

The first section is specifically about private 1-1 Japanese lessons with a tutor, and the second is generally about learning Japanese.

Private Japanese Lessons – FAQs

Are private 1-1 Japanese lessons expensive?

For the price of a decent Japanese meal in a restaurant, every week you can experience so much more than just a full tummy! 🎌 🔜 🧠

A fast, efficient way to learn, your private 1-1 lessons will be at your level – no more wasting precious lesson time going over things you already know – or missing the point of something too difficult.

Group lessons can appear cheaper than private 1-1 tuition, but work much like gym memberships. It’s very easy to miss classes you’ve already paid for, and then hard to catch up, which can put you off returning. Mottainai! What a waste!

I tried group Japanese lessons, but found I have so many more questions than a group setting could possibly accomodate. I’m a beginner, but really keen to make progress, so a private tutor is better for my needs. – CB, TV Producer, 2020

For more discussion around lesson fees, kindly read my article: How Much Do Private Japanese Lessons Cost?

Where do private Japanese lessons take place?

It’s completely your choice (although we are happy to suggest a variety of lesson locations that we have found work out well for lessons). Tutors can come to your home, office, or meet you in a quiet café or hotel lobby.

Due to the current circumstances, most of our lessons are being delivered online. Of course, online lessons do not incur a travel fee.

Later on, students and tutors may choose to meet in person again, or choose a combination of in person & online lessons (i.e. meeting in person once a month, or every other week).

Are the Japanese lessons 1-1?

Yes, all lessons are between you and the tutor only. The one exception is beginner level students only, who may opt for 2-1 lessons with their own, selected partner (i.e. husband and wife, business partner, friend), for a top up fee of 30%.

What is the content of the lesson?

The lesson content is tailor-made for your own goals – whether this is business speaking skills, survival Japanese for a holiday, or to pass a Japanese exam such as the JLPT.

The tutor will likely use a Japanese textbook as a springboard.

Students find it works well to use lesson time to focus on speaking and listening with your tutor, and then focus on reading and writing as self-study (homework).

Are the tutors native speakers of Japanese?

Yes, your tutor will be a friendly, native Japanese speaker, personally matched by Vanessa to your situation & requests.

As they live in the UK, our Japanese tutors can also speak English.

How do you match learners to tutors?

We carefully consider: timing & day of the week, your goals & interests, the tutor’s qualifications & experience, lesson location*, and – importantly – your personalities too. *currently mostly online until restrictions are fully lifted.

Private 1-1 Japanese lessons create a fun, goal-orientated & sustainable learning-based relationship for both the student and the tutor.

About Learning Japanese – FAQs

Is learning Japanese difficult?

Japanese is perceived as being one of the world’s most difficult languages to learn. Of course, it is certainly a challenge to learn any language, and for English speakers, learning a different writing script can be daunting.

However, even beginner level Japanese can be extremely satisfying, and the language does not feature tonal pronunciation, like Chinese, for example.

To learn more, please do check out: Three Suprisingly Easy Things About Learning Japanese

Is it worth learning Japanese for a holiday?

YES. Please do. Even just a smattering of key Japanese phrases is a very good idea for a trip, after all, Japan is a monolingual country – like the UK.

Not only will learning survival Japanese enrich your connection to people you meet on your holiday, getting more familiar with the culture is a gift to yourself to enjoy all your life! I speakfrom experience as learning Japanese changed my life – learn about my journey here.

To find out more, read: Is it Worth Learning Japanese? Why A Little Japanese is a Whole Lot Better Than None

Which is better for me? Group lessons or a private Japanese tutor?

It depends on your goals and lifestyle. There are benefits to each style of learning, and in fact, many of our students take group lessons and have a private Japanese tutor too.

One of the main benefits of private tuition is that you can learn to speak Japanese by speaking Japanese with a Japanese person. This is deceptively simple, and undoubtedly the most effective way.

For a full exploration of pros & cons, read Japanese Language Group Lessons vs. Private Japanese Tutors

I’d love to answer any other questions you may have.

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