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  • Do you find group Japanese lessons never seem to be quite the right level?
  • Wasting money booking courses only to ‘fall behind’ & drop out?
  • Hate being ‘put on the spot’ by teachers – in front of the whole class?

I’m a Japanese learner myself, and I totally feel your pain! But before 2020 I honestly never even considered the potential of online Japanese private tuition…

How things have changed!

Now, having arranged thousands of 1-1 online Japanese lessons UK wide, I firmly believe: Japanese tutoring is one of those rare services which can actually offer remarkable results online.

Yes, I want to learn Japanese now

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‘Lisa-Sensei is fantastic, she’s engaging and makes notes of everything I mention about my life to quiz me later which I enjoy. Also being a native Osaka-jin she’s incorporating a few colloquialisms into my vocabulary which my wife loves. I like how she uses technology to help the lessons and also finds fun activities to do to keep me interested!’ TS, Trader, 2022

Online video meetings just make learning so much more accessible to both adults and children. Japanese lessons aren’t only for those with offices in central London anymore!

In fact, 3 out of 4 new Japanese learners that I connect to a 1-1 Japanese tutor for online lessons are living outside London; in areas all around the UK from Oxford, to Suffolk, to Devon.

Online Japanese Lessons for Adults – 2022 Fees

*Minimum Booking Block of 15 hours

Total Lesson Hours Total Price # of 90 min. lessons Price for 90 minute lesson in this block Price for 1 hour lesson in this block
15 hour block £750.00 10 £75.00 £50.00
30 hour block £1410.00 20 £70.50 £47.00
60 hour block £2700.00 40 £67.50 £45.00

* Online lessons are not subject to travel fees.

The prices above apply to all lessons booked & paid for in fiscal year 2021-22.

  • 15 hour bookings must be used within 5 months from the date issued.
  • 30 hour bookings must be used within 9 months from the date issued.
  • 60 hours bookings must be used within 12 months from the date issued.

Click here to see Online Japanese Lessons for Children – 2022 Fees 

How long are Japanese lessons for adults?

Lessons usually last for a minimum of 90 minutes, although longer lessons are also available.

We can also arrange shorter lessons of 60 minutes online, or for children under 12, or if the student travels to the home of the tutor.

How many lessons should I take?

Lessons are available in block bookings of 15 hours, or more. I don’t believe that it is in the best interest of Japanese learners or tutors to make shorter block bookings.

To learn more, please read: This is Why You Need to Book 10 Japanese Lessons (At Least)

What if I need to cancel a Japanese lesson at the last minute?

Please give at least 24 hours’ notice of change or cancellation to lessons.

Any lesson cancelled by the Learner (or the Learner’s Parent or Guardian) with less than 24 hours’ notice, and not rescheduled, will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the total lesson fee. This will apply to any lessons cancelled less than 24 hours in advance, for any reason. This fee is to reimburse the Tutor for their lost opportunity of work.

Lessons cancelled less than 3 hours in advance by the Learner will incur a cancellation fee of 100% of the total lesson fee. This will apply to any lessons cancelled less than 3 hours in advance, for any reason. This fee is to reimburse the Tutor for their lost opportunity of work.

Please try to reschedule lessons rather than cancelling, whenever possible.

Please find below the most frequently asked questions from people interested in learning Japanese language online.

Private Online Japanese Tuition – FAQs

Are online private 1-1 Japanese lessons effective?

Absolutely! Learning occurs best when we are relaxed, comfortable and having FUN.

Language learning can be surprisingly emotional (even adults feel like a kid again without our native language fluency!) and group lessons in classrooms are not always that best place to support these feelings of vulnerability. Rapport built with our 1-1 tutor allows for an easy flow of learning.

Your tutor will plan your lessons at your exact level, addressing your specific areas of difficulty that might easily get skipped over in other types of classes.

Online lessons naturally put the focus on communication skills, and learners report that they are actually speaking more in their lessons than previously.

‘I cannot tell you how fantastic they have been. Kumiko-sensei is just wonderful and her lessons are pitched exactly right. I have enjoyed them so much and my Japanese has improved hugely. Still a long way to go until I’m fluent but I’m feeling so much more confident about communicating when I finally make it to Japan.’ KD, Homemaker, Sept 2021

Is online 1-1 Japanese tutoring expensive?

Cost can be viewed in terms of expenditure of both time & money. Tutoring is a direct route & costs more than going ‘all around the houses’.

In terms of time, it is clear that online lessons cut out the time spent travelling to a location. Also, you can choose to study at the time which works best for you (rather than, say, an evening class if you are tired after a day of work).

In terms of money, if your budget restricts you, why not think about how to make private lessons cost effective?

You can choose to treat your tutor as an accountability coach. To make faster progress, be sure to take responsibility for completing homework between lessons – then you can ask your tutor to check it and answer any questions you may have.

Students often find it works well to use lesson time to focus on the ACTIVE SKILLS of speaking and listening with your tutor, and then focus on the PASSIVE SKILLS of reading and writing as self-study (homework).

What platform will we use for the online lessons?

It’s your choice! Some tutors prefer Skype, as it offers the chat function that can be saved to refer back to. Zoom chats aren’t saved, so it can be a great idea to use Whatsapp alongside it.

I really like the way that this use of technology gives me a typed reference of Japanese phrases and vocab from the lesson, that I can use to review.

Are the tutors native speakers of Japanese?

Yes, your tutor will be a friendly, native Japanese speaker, personally matched by Vanessa to your situation & requests.

‘T’s really enjoying the lessons a lot. I’m hoping he can learn Japanese well enough to be our translator when we manage to go on holiday there!!’ Emma (mother of T, aged 12) Nov 2021

Where are the tutors based?

Our Japanese Tutors are UK-based native speakers of Japanese.

As they live in the UK, our Japanese tutors can also speak English, which is especially helpful for beginners, and for explaining specific grammatical points.

With tutors based in the UK, we also avoid the scheduling difficulties that occur when working with another time zone.

UK-based Japanese tutors are of course familiar with UK culture & customs, which makes for very interesting and lively discussions regarding the similarities and differences between the UK & Japan!

Are the Japanese lessons 1-1?

Yes, all lessons are between you and the tutor only. The one exception is beginner level students only, who may opt for 2-1 lessons with their own, selected partner (i.e. husband and wife, business partner, friend), for a top up fee of 30%.

What is the content of the lesson?

The lesson content is tailor-made for your own goals – whether this is business speaking skills, survival Japanese for a holiday, or to pass a Japanese exam such as the JLPT.

The tutor will likely use a Japanese textbook as a springboard.

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