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Explore Japanese Gardens in London!

Kyoto Garden in Holland Park The top destination for Japanese gardens enthusiasts in London has got to be the outstanding ‘Kyoto Garden’ in Holland Park.  This carefully-tended landscaped park (NO picnics on the grass!) features a tumbling waterfall as a centrepiece – so scenic in all seasons. There are traditional stone lanterns, a rock garden Read more

The Japanese and the British both share a deep-rooted appreciation of gardens, even though the chaotic tumble of blooms in an English country garden and the clipped order and raked gravel so characteristic of a Japanese garden couldn’t be more different.  Perhaps that’s why we are so fascinated; Japanese gardens have long been popular in Read more

Paul Woodhead: Meetup Leader, Musician

You’ll often find Paul Woodhead at Japan-related gigs, events and otherwise in London (and sometimes Japan!).  An inspiring and active member of the community here in London, Paul will welcomes you to join the London Japanese Meetup group here, or on facebook here. Upcoming events – the group meets at the Slug and Lettuce on Read more

Earl’s Court is a hidden gem, able to provide a small but very authentic Japanese evening out.  Not known for being an area of London with a high Japanese population, or influence, Earl’s Court is home to a smattering of excellent establishments. Mai Food – has a distinctly cafe-like feel.  It’s even got those awkwardly Read more

1. Conversation exchange evenings By far the largest is ‘The London Japanese Language Meetup Group’ which regularly attracts a diverse crowd of up to 100 on the second Tuesday of each month.  It’s a sprawling, free event held in a pub off Leicester Square. You can find out more on the website. For a Read more

February 2011: Life After JET

This month, Life After JET profiles former Tochigi ALT, Vanessa Villalobos. After completing JET and obtaining a CELTA qualification, Vanessa moved to Peru where she taught for 15 months. She then returned to the UK to train as a secondary school level English teacher at King’s College London, earning a Postgraduate Certificate of Education. However Read more

We all know that the ubiquitous phrase “use it or lose it” applies perhaps most accurately to the learning and retention of a new language.  Whatever your motivation for learning a language – be it for your career, to progress in studies, or for travel – it is crucial to have a strong motivation to Read more

Top Japanese London Follows on Twitter!

New to Twitter?  It can all seem a little baffling at first.  Well, for ages actually.  If you’re anything like me, you’ll be after interesting information about what’s going on, amusing links and good ideas. So!  In honour of the ye olde #ff – Follow Friday – here are some Japanese London-related people to follow Read more