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Admiring the springtime blooms is a bit of a national obsession common to both Britain and Japan. They are being rapturously received in the UK in 2019 as we speak, and the first wave of cherry blossoms has started in Japan. Here in the UK we are known for seasonally swooning over daffodils, snowdrops and Read more

The Japanese and the British both share a deep-rooted appreciation of gardens, even though the chaotic tumble of blooms in an English country garden and the clipped order and raked gravel so characteristic of a Japanese garden couldn’t be more different.  Perhaps that’s why we are so fascinated; Japanese gardens have long been popular in Read more

Top 4 Must-Reads for UK Japanophiles!

JapaneseLondon.com’s Vanessa picks the top 4 must-read books for Japanophiles based in the UK! Professor Munakata’s British Museum Adventure by Hoshino Yukinobu This marvellous manga (comic book) stars the famed Professor Munakata, the fictional Japanese detective. He is visiting the UK and gets embroiled in a mystery involving many treasures we host in the British Read more

Yearning for the deep, primal reverberations of an o-daiko drum? A KODO performance cannot fail to rumble, shake and move you. These Japanese performers – based on Sado Island – sure don’t travel lightly: central to the show is the diversity of drums – from big to very, very big!  The elegance, versatility and sheer Read more

Race to Finish Hello Kitty Secret Garden as Car Ride is Installed at Drusillas Park Hello Kitty Secret Garden – Europe’s first permanent Hello Kitty attraction – took one step closer to fruition this week as the third and final children’s ride was installed at the award-winning Drusillas Park in East Sussex. The Hello Kitty Read more

AmnesiArt is a film and Fine Art photography production composed by Nick Arcivos and Ryan Earl. Love Japan?  This must-see short film gives you the opportunity to explore the country through Tokyo, symbol of modernity, Nara and Kyoto, the cultural capital.  Nick and Ryan to discovered the rich culture of Japan; its fascinating architecture and Read more

The mischievous, red-haired orphan known as ‘Anne of Green Gables’, from the bestselling 1908 novel by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery, is big in Japan.  This isn’t news to most Japanese people, who know her fondly as Akage no An (literally ‘Red-haired Anne’) but it’s surprising how often I’ll mention the fact to a fellow Read more