Atari-ya Grocery Shop Review: West Acton

The Atari-ya chain of shops and sushi bars has rapidly expanded in recent years. This is no surprise – as the business has been built on a strong foundation of top quality food for discerning consumers. As can be seen from the popularity of the Atari-ya sushi bars (located at Swiss Cottage, Ealing Common as Read more

Sake no Hana: Restaurant Review

Gliding up the escalator to Sake no Hana you can shed your worries like autumn leaves; safe in the knowledge that you’ll be well looked after here. This a Japanese restaurant that offers a fine blend of both ambience and cuisine. A hearty ‘irrashiamase’ welcome from the sushi chefs working at the bar & kitchen Read more

Explore Japanese Gardens in London!

Kyoto Garden in Holland Park The top destination for Japanese gardens enthusiasts in London has got to be the outstanding ‘Kyoto Garden’ in Holland Park.  This carefully-tended landscaped park (NO picnics on the grass!) features a tumbling waterfall as a centrepiece – so scenic in all seasons. There are traditional stone lanterns, a rock garden Read more

Japanese is commonly regarded as one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world by pretty much everyone – from native speakers of Japanese themselves – to those completely unfamiliar with the language. However, here are three significant things which make learning Japanese considerably easier than you’d expect! The phonetic system of writing Read more

If you love making Japanese food at home, you’ll know the satisfaction of collecting the perfect equipment for your kitchen. Banish the clutter that can tend to build up in Japanese kitchens, and focus clearly instead key items. There are so many essentials now available to buy in the UK! MUJI rice cooker – Read more

Why Learn Japanese?

It is said that to learn a language is to learn a culture. Not only does learning Japanese language unlock your favourite interest, from anime to zen, but the cultural thinking that underpins it. The philosophies, the ways of doing and being that are deeply rooted in the words and writing systems are tantalisingly revealed Read more

Bistro Mirey: Restaurant Review

Bistro Mirey offers fabulous, unpretentious French food, each dish with a soupçon of distinctive Japanese-flavoured inspiration. What’s not to love about this outstanding little neighbourhood bistro that’s the realisation of the dreams of two splendid, hard-working people? Eat thoughtful, well-prepared dishes and show your support for Chefs Gerard Mirey and Ko Ito – so much Read more

What do you do, and why? Hi. My name is Deep. And I am the British Novice and English Master’s Heavyweight Sumo Wrestling Champion. Sumo is an ancient martial art that is an intrinsic part of Japanese culture. I began my journey in sumo in November 2016, and with the guidance of Steve Pateman, my Read more